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73 'music poster design' design jobs and contests

StatusProject TitleTime LeftDesign TypeSubmissionsPayments
Open (featured) Musician Needs Live Music Poster
1 day left Poster Design 103 $140
Deciding (featured) (private) Private logo design project
View 70 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 70 A$400
Closed (featured) Summer orchestra weekly camp poster CCYO youth orchestra
View 40 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 40 $220
Closed (featured) Up Yonder Comedy Tour needs an awesome new show poster
View 50 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 50 $220
Closed (featured) Carbon Nightlife Poster Design
View 42 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 42 A$220
Closed (featured) Country Thunder Arizona 2014 Poster
View 45 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 45 $350
Closed (featured) (private) Private invitation design project
View 28 Invitation Designs
Closed Invitation Design 28 A$290
Closed (featured) Local Harlem DJ of Live Music Venue Needs Flyers Designed
View 18 Flyer Designs
Closed Flyer Design 18 $145
Closed (featured) concert poster
View 29 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 29 $140
View 55 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 55 $350
Closed (featured) Music Charity Needs A Poster
View 35 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 35 A$320
Closed (featured) Frozen Yogurt Shop in SoHo NYC needs a Sign for side of building
View 53 Signage Designs
Closed Signage Design 53 $360
Closed (featured) Garage Band Poster / Flyer Ad Design
View 33 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 33 A$140
Closed (featured) Recreation Programs Poster
View 26 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 26 $220
Closed (featured) Celtic Band Needs a Poster Design
View 43 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 43 £165
Closed (featured) University of Miami Frost Saxophone Quartet Concert
View 36 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 36 $350
Closed (featured) Music Farm
View 30 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 30 $350
Closed (featured) ABSOLUT X Poster Contest, ABSOLUT VODKA, ABSOLUT X, USA
View 175 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 175 $1000
Closed (featured) OddToberfest - Harvest of the Odd People
View 19 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 19 $350
Closed (featured) (private) Private web design project
View 19 Web Designs
Closed Web Design 19 £225
Closed (featured) Wedding Icons / Elements Design (drawing / illustration / wood carving style)
View 55 Print Designs
Closed Print Design 55 $155
Closed Outdoor cooking competition needs 10yr celebration poster
View 29 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 29 A$140
Closed (freelance) Typeface music lyric poster for personal gift (UK)
Closed Poster Design 11 $300
Closed (freelance) Bunker Party Poster
Closed Flyer Design 11 £100
Closed (private) (freelance) Private poster design project
Closed Poster Design 11 $300

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