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74 'graffiti logo' design jobs and contests

StatusProject TitleTime LeftDesign TypeSubmissionsPayments
Deciding (featured) Graffiti mashup of our company logo for a T-Shirt
View 15 Illustration Designs
Closing.. Illustration Design 15 $360
Deciding graffiti tags
View 41 T-shirt Designs
Closing.. T-shirt Design 41 $140
Deciding Mobile Bakery Logo Design Project
View 63 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 63 $200
Deciding SEANZY DJ logo
View 43 Logo Designs
Closing.. Logo Design 43 A$200
Deciding T-shirt Design Project
View 19 T-shirt Designs
Closing.. T-shirt Design 19 $220
Deciding the gasp project: challenging homophobia and celebrating diversity
View 22 Poster Designs
Closing.. Poster Design 22 $220
Deciding Menu Design Project
View 15 Menu Designs
Closing.. Menu Design 15 £150
Closed (featured) New clothing company needs top notch T-shirt designs to promote our ideas.
View 73 T-shirt Designs
Closed T-shirt Design 73 $220
Closed (featured) womens cycling clothing. I want to creates a new look for female cyclists through artwork. The brand
View 11 Art Designs
Closed Art Design 11 A$400
Closed (featured) Stop Tags logo design for website
View 355 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 355 $900
Closed (featured) (private) Private business card design project
View 40 Business Card Designs
Closed Business Card Design 40 A$90
Closed (featured) Australian education business needs a vibrant facelift
View 85 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 85 A$300
Closed (featured) (private) Private graphic design project
View 17 Graphic Designs
Closed Graphic Design 17 $430
Closed (featured) International streetdance festival T-shirt design +200k Youtube views
View 90 T-shirt Designs
Closed T-shirt Design 90 €165
Closed (featured) Knockout Boxes Logo Project
View 89 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 89 A$200
Closed (featured) Thirdside logo
View 131 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 131 £485
Closed (featured) Logo Design Project
View 73 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 73 A$400
Closed (featured) Roof Cleaning / Tile & Grout Cleaning /GutterGlove business needs a Wordpress Design that will wow!
View 13 Wordpress Designs
Closed Wordpress Design 13 $500
Closed (featured) (private) Private t-shirt design project
View 86 T-shirt Designs
Closed T-shirt Design 86 £1080
Closed (featured) ROC BOOTS AUSTRALIA - "ROC BACK TO SCHOOL" Posters
View 60 Poster Designs
Closed Poster Design 60 A$440
View 112 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 112 $200
Closed (featured) Now Workshop
View 50 Web Designs
Closed Web Design 50 $700
Closed (featured) Logo Design Project
View 30 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 30 A$200
Closed (featured) Carp Slam fundraising tournament logo
View 89 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 89 $400
Closed Electronic Music Producer / DJ Logo Needed
View 22 Logo Designs
Closed Logo Design 22 £150

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