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Example "Logo" Contests

Logo Design

Logo Needed for a prank video and funny video w...

Playful, Personable Logo Design for a business based in United Kingdom

Winning Logo Designer: monogram

Logo Design

Funny Animal Photo and Video Website Logo

Playful, Personable Logo Design for a business based in United States

Winning Logo Designer: Marabunta

Logo Design

Design a Funny 2012 Presidential Campaign Logo

Elegant, Playful Logo Design for a business based in Australia

Winning Logo Designer: Blue Tusk Design

Logo Design

Funny Mama Logo

Playful, Modern Logo Design for a business based in Hong Kong

Winning Logo Designer: ddesign


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Thanks to all the logo designers and DesignCrowd for a job well done.


Alan RaymondDirector, Pentamery, United Kingdom

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