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Example "Brochure Templates" Contests

Brochure Design

Brochure template design

Simon Wilson were looking for a Elegant, Playful Brochure Design for their business based in Australia

Winning Brochure Designer: leonfx2010

Brochure Design

Bronway Automation Brochure Template Design

Bronway Automation Ltd were looking for a Elegant, Playful Brochure Design for their business based in Ireland

Winning Brochure Designer: JCR

Brochure Design

Brochure Design Project for Folk High School in...

Sven Tommy Nordhagen were looking for a Brochure Design for their business based in Norway

Winning Brochure Designer: Ulverz


Simple, effective and great fun - brilliant way to get access to a lot of designers.


CindyDirector, Superexpertise, Australia

Great for small or start up businesses. I will recommend it to others!


H MalikDirector, Cad and Coffee, United Kingdom

The speed and efficiency in receiving my designs was very impressive.


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