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DesignCrowd dominance highlights our marketplace hub

3/7/2016 | AFR

[DesignCrowd's CEO Alec] Lynch is recognised as a founder of the design crowdsourcing concept, where designers compete for posted jobs in an iterative exchange with the client, with the winner getting the commission but several runners-up rewarded for their input with cash prizes.

How DesignCrowd Changed The Game By Cutting Out The Middle Man

GQ Australia
3/1/2016 | GQ Australia

Design market disrupter Alec Lynch is using technology to achieve even greater scale, after successfully turning his bedroom start-up into a global business.

DesignCrowd extends global reach

The Australian
2/23/2016 | The Australian

Australian crowd-sourcing outfit DesignCrowd now boasts a half-million designers on its global platform, with company founder and chief executive Alec Lynch saying his eight-year-old company is on track to building the world’s largest creative design marketplaces.

How the role of a founder develops over time

Startup Smart
2/22/2016 | Startup Smart

DesignCrowd founder Alec Lynch says the role of a startup founder changes drastically as a company grows and develops.

From lucky to plucky

The Economist
1/7/2016 | The Economist

Alec Lynch and Adam Arbolino launched DesignCrowd in Sydney eight years ago after an earlier startup failed. Undeterred, Mr Lynch saw a chance to change the “slow, risky and expensive” way people procure projects from local graphic designers.

Behind the Business Plan: DesignCrowd

Business News Daily
11/6/2015 | Business News Daily

DesignCrowd, an online marketplace where businesses can crowdsource logos and graphics from designers worldwide, started in 2008, when co-founder and CEO Alec Lynch and his partners invested their savings to bring the idea to life.

How I Succeeded: DesignCrowd's Alec Lynch

10/23/2015 | LifeHacker

How I Succeeded is a regular series on Lifehacker where we ask business owners for the secrets and tactics behind their success. Today: Alec Lynch from DesignCrowd.

DesignCrowd donates designs to help support Loud Shirt Day

The Shepherd Centre
10/20/2015 | The Shepherd Centre

Loud Shirt Day took place last week and the creative community over at got into the spirit by coming up with some funky fashion ideas to help with the annual Loud Shirt Day campaign held on Friday 16th October.

DesignCrowd hits $30m milestone

The Australian
10/13/2015 | The Australian

Local design crowdsourcing marketplace DesignCrowd has passed $30 million in completed projects, following a $6 million series B funding round earlier this year.

DesignCrowd named in Red Herring Top 100 list for Asia

9/22/2015 | Mumbrella

DesignCrowd, the Sydney based design crowdsourcing platform, has been announced as a 2015 Red Herring Top 100 company in the Asia region.

Startups and investors find a good relationship by design

The Australian
9/1/2015 | The Australian

Start-ups often garner cult-like celebrity status and adulation from the tech scene and the public for their billion-dollar valuations and world-changing impacts, but it’s the behind the scenes relationship between start-ups and their financial backers that’s often critical to their success or failure.

DesignCrowd's plan for global domination just took a critical step forward

Business Insider
8/26/2015 | Business Insider

"Australian crowdsourcing marketplace DesignCrowd just took a big step in its global growth strategy. After taking on an extra $6 million in funding earlier this year from AirTree Ventures and Starfish Ventures, the startup today launched a translation tool which makes it easier for designers in non-English speaking countries to understand briefs."

Interview with Alec Lynch - DesignCrowd

7/15/2015 | ideashoist

"I hear lots of people say “hey I’ve got this great idea” but 99% of the time they only talk and don’t take action. The best way to fix this is to take action on the first step"

AirTree Ventures invests $6 million in DesignCrowd

2/5/2015 | AFR

Daniel Petre's new venture capital firm AirTree Ventures has invested $6 million in crowdsourcing platform DesignCrowd, in the first Series B investment for the firm.

The Founders’ Top 12 Checklist For Starting A Successful Business In 2015

Business Insider
1/30/2015 | Business Insider

Starting a successful business in 2015 requires careful planning, savvy moves and unwavering commitment. So in order to stay focused, have fun and hit those targets, here’s the ultimate checklist to help you get your business off the ground this new year.

How to take your startup global on a shoestring budget

The Next Web
10/11/2014 | The Next Web

If you run a startup or online business (or have an idea for one), there’s a good chance the opportunity for your venture is a global one. However, conventional startup wisdom seems to be: start local, then go global. Focus on one market – probably your domestic market – first, get traction and think global later.

Humans In Tech: Alec Lynch

Startup Daily
9/3/2014 | Startup Daily

Over the last two years, Alec Lynch, along with his co-founder at DesignCrowd Adam Abolino, have launched their company into new markets (including Asia) raised capital, acquired Worth1000 and recently announced that they hit $20 million in payments being paid out to designers using the platform. That is twice the amount the company paid out for the same period last year.

Six years to $10m, one year to $20m: DesignCrowd co-founder Alec Lynch share his tips for growth

9/2/2014 | AFR

It took DesignCrowd six years to get to $10 million in payments to designers, then one year to double it to $20 million.

Aussie Crowdsourcing Marketplace DesignCrowd Hits $20M In Designer Payments And Establishes A Team In San Francisco

9/1/2014 | Forbes

DesignCrowd, a global crowdsourcing marketplace today has announced it has hit $20 million worth of payments to its designers. To bolster its growth in the U.S. it is also hiring a team TISI +0.00% in San Francisco.

DesignCrowd's Alec Lynch Is The 2014 Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year In The Eastern Region

Australian Anthill
8/16/2014 | Australian Anthill

Alec Lynch, the founder and CEO of DesignCrowd, was recently named Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year in the Eastern Region by Ernst & Young.

These People Are In The Running To Be Australia's Next Entrepreneur Of The Year

Business Insider
8/8/2014 | Business Insider

Australians who’ve found unique ways to crowdsource designers from round the world, build world-classing recording tools, improve sports performance and constructing data centres are in the running to be Australia’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Meet the Boss - Alec Lynch, of DesignCrowd

6/22/2014 | SMH

As someone who’s been building websites since he was a teenager, it’s not surprising Alec Lynch has ended up working in the online world. But as the 30-year-old boss of DesignCrowd knows, the startup world isn’t always easy to crack.

DesignCrowd reckons deal worth wait
6/17/2014 |

Aussie start-up DesignCrowd has snapped up US design contest site Worth1000 to bolster its roster of designers and further a push into offshore markets, especially the US.

DesignCrowd mulls moving headquarters to US

6/17/2014 | AFR

Graphic design outsourcing website DesignCrowd is considering a long-term plan to shift its headquarters overseas to the United States after the company more than doubled the number of users it has through an acquisition.

DesignCrowd snaps up US design contest site Worth1000

The Australian
6/17/2014 | The Australian

Local crowdsourcing outfit DesignCrowd has acquired US design contest site Worth1000 as part of its global expansion drive.

Call to fix local funding or risk start-up losses

Daily Telegraph
6/10/2014 | Daily Telegraph

Australian tech start-ups need a deeper and wider capital pool or we run the risk of losing intellectual property and jobs to offshore markets.

Why co-founders are the secret to start-up success: DesignCrowd founder Alec Lynch

5/8/2014 | BRW

In many cases, bringing on a co-founder (or co-founders) will be a conscious decision. In this article, I will look at six questions that will help you determine if getting a co-founder is right for you and, if so, what to look for in a co-founder.

DesignCrowd opens first overseas office in Manila, with San Francisco to follow

4/24/2014 | BRW

Sydney-based graphic design crowdsourcing platform, DesignCrowd, has opened its first overseas office in Manila, with San Francisco to follow next month as the Starfish Ventures-backed firm increases localised support to grow its base of 170,000 registered designers.

Here Are 11 Australian Start-Ups That Had A Cracking 2013

Business Insider
1/11/2014 | Business Insider

Last year saw some great local startups thrive in Australian marketplace, with many entrepreneurs reaping the rewards of developing a successful business. Here are some of the flourishing startups that Business Insider has been in contact with and what they achieved in 2013.

Sydney's DesignCrowd Raises Another $3 Million From Starfish Ventures, Says Profits Are Within Sight

The Australian
12/11/2013 | The Australian

A startup founded in a Sydney garage has hit $6.3 million in funding to continue expanding internationally as it eyes the whopping $44 billion world of design dominated by creative agencies

Design angels

Brisbane Times
11/17/2013 | Brisbane Times

Alec Lynch didn't have much cash when he launched freelance graphic design service website DesignCrowd in 2007. He bootstrapped his start-up by maxing out three credit cards to the tune of $30,000, but was starting to make sales and get some press, which proved to him that his business idea had legs.

Freelance Marketplace DesignCrowd Raises $3M To Fuel Its International Growth

11/11/2013 | TechCrunch

DesignCrowd, a crowdsourcing marketplace for freelance designers, has raised $3 million in new funding from investors led by Starfish Ventures. This brings the Sydney, Australia based company’s total raised to date to $6.3 million. DesignCrowd will use the proceeds to open a U.S. office and scale its international marketing.

Startup CEO: Would You Max Out Three Credit Cards To Start A Business?

11/11/2013 | Fobes

Would you max out three credit cards, spend your life savings, and take on loans from family and friends all for some cool website idea? In January 2008 Alec Lynch did just that and started a freelance marketplace in his garage called DesignCrowd.

Australian crowdsourcing startup DesignCrowd hits 100,000 designers; business doubles in size

Campaign Brief
2/28/2013 | Campaign Brief

Australian online graphic design marketplace,DesignCrowd, now has over 100,000 designers and the business has doubled in size in the last year. The startup revealed some interesting figures that show crowdsourcing continues to disrupt and is showing no signs of slowing down.

12 Big brand celebrities that crowdsourced in 2012

The Next Web
1/19/2013 | The Next Web

Authored by Alec Lynch, DesignCrowd co-founder & CEO

When people think of crowdsourcing, they often think of it as a tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses – and they’re right. Small business users have powered explosive growth of crowdsourcing services in the last 5 years (from stock photography to logo design crowdsourcing). What many don’t realise is crowdsourcing is being used more and more by the world’s biggest brands, governments, politicians and celebrities.

Read the full article

How DesignCrowd went international, doubled business in six months and hit $10 million in projects

Startup Smart
1/8/2013 | Startup Smart

In the last six months, they’ve seen a 120% increase in demand, with the key areas of growth being business card design (317%), t-shirt design (121%) and graphic design (116%).

How to get a killer logo design on a shoestring budget

12/14/2012 | BusinessZone

Authored by Jo Sabin, DesignCrowd Marketing Manager

If you're thinking about getting a logo designed, what steps do you need to take and where do you go for design services? Small businesses and start-up entrepreneurs have a universe of options available thanks to the online design boom but which one's right for you?

Don’t under estimate the power of logo design to help your business get customer cut-through when the marketplace is crowded and every brand is competing for customer mindshare. An awesome logo design tells the world who you are and is a strategic business asset. Your logo encapsulates your business promise in a single graphic so it pays now to apply some brainpower to what message it should communicate to the world.

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Thinking Of Self-Publishing? Ben Galley Has Some Advice

10/29/2012 | Forbes

For self-publishers to achieve a professional cover, that’s quite difficult unless you’re actually a graphic designer. If you find yourself thinking that you can design a cover in Word or PowerPoint, hire someone else to do it.

A cheap way to commission a cover, Galley said, was to use crowdsourcing sites like Crowdspring or DesignCrowd. Authors post a brief to the site and designers then submit covers for consideration. When the author has decided on the best submission the site handles payment and contracts.

Screw the mining boom, let’s create a tech boom

The Sydney Morning Herald
10/9/2012 | The Sydney Morning Herald

Authored by Alec Lynch, DesignCrowd co-founder & CEO

In recent weeks Australian politicians have been bickering about the mining boom. “It's over, it's half-over, it ended last week (China put the kibosh on it).” Who knows? The only thing that is certain is that one day it will end. It's time Australia started planning for its future. It's time to start planning our next boom and, in my opinion, it's time to create a technology boom.

Technology, without doubt, is where Australia should place its next bet. While the mining boom splutters and fracks Australia up, technology is gaining momentum. Aussie geeks from Sydney to San Franscisco are cooking up world-changing start-ups and Australia is experiencing a mini tech-boom.

Young Australians do not want to make their fortune by drilling the ground, selling minerals to China and taxing fat-cat mining magnates. Young Australians want to make their own fortunes and the best way for them to do this is through entrepreneurship and technology.

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Crowdsourcing firm lets 5,000 take a bite out of the Big Apple

Australian Anthill
8/14/2012 | Australian Anthill

More than 5,000 entrants have submitted designs to the latest DesignCrowd contest.

Using the innovative Sydney-based DesignCrowd crowdsourcing service,, has offered up a $10,000 prize for anyone who can provide a new logo for the New York-based website. is a site that covers nightlife, dining, and entertainment going on in and around Manhattan, and judging by the old logo still on display at the web site, it looks like company really needs a new one.

Speaking on the landmark contest, DesignCrowd CEO Alec Lynch said, “We believe’s $10,000 prize was the largest ever for an online logo contest and one of the first design crowdsourcing projects to receive over 5,000 entries. It’s a great case study in design crowdsourcing and highlights the creativity and power of the crowd.”

World-record crowdsourcing results for logo contest?

Venture Beat
8/8/2012 | Venture Beat

What if you crowdsourced your logo design and everyone came?

That’s almost what happened to, a New York publication that opened a logo contest on DesignCrowd, an online marketplace for design jobs. The company offered a $10,000 prize for the winner, and as of this morning, DesignCrowd’s 83,000 designers have submitted 5717 entries.

“If crowdsourcing was an Olympic sport, we’d win a gold medal,” DesignCrowd chief executive Alec Lynch said.

Lynch believes that both the prize and the number of submissions are the largest ever for an online logo contest.

Crowdsourcing design is cheap, but is it good for your brand?

6/25/2012 | NationalPost

An online design contest to create a logo for Canadian website that has $10,000 on the line for the top submissions, has garnered close to 3,000 possible designs. For Lorenzo Tartamella, chief executive of, crowdsourcing its new logo has provided a vast range of art options.

“It’s incredible … An ad agency would have never been able to give us the diversity and the choice that we’ve been given the way we have with this contest,” he said. DesignCrowd CEO, Mr. Lynch said his service is “essentially outsourcing on steroids,” since it gives customers a vast amount of speedy responses, on their set budget, with no cost risk if they aren’t satisfied with the results.

Australia Startup DesignCrowd Launches in Canada

6/5/2012 | Techvibes

Three months ago, Australia's DesignCrowd—which raised $3 million in funding from Starfish Ventures late last year—launched in the UK. Now, the crowdsourcing marketplace startup has launched its service in Canada, continuing its global expansion.

"Canada has over one million small businesses and we estimate they spend over $1 billion on design services every year, but most of this is with traditional design firms who are slow, expensive and risky to use," Alec Lynch, the CEO and Founder of DesignCrowd, said.

Designs on Rent-A-Crowd

4/12/2012 | BRW

The logo for the London Olympics gave Alec Lynch the idea he was looking for to start a business."The logo cost about £400,000 [$615,000], it took months to create and was then totally panned by the public and critics," Lynch says. "The client in that case was stuffed; they’d wasted money, had a PR disaster on their hands, and didn’t end up with a great logo."

Startup of the Week: DesignCrowd

Wired UK Magazine
3/28/2012 | Wired UK Magazine

DesignCrowd is an Australian-originated business that allows people to crowdsource a creative brief. A typical logo design project will get more than 100 different designs to choose from. spoke to founder Alec Lynch.

DesignCrowd out of 99designs’ shadow

3/21/2012 | Zdnet

In the start-up universe, first-mover advantage is a law that like gravity, can weigh on a company's fortunes, but Sydney-based DesignCrowd hopes to become the exception to the rule.

DesignCrowd COO Chris McNamara admits that the company has to date lived in the shadow of 99designs, but said that this changed with the $3 million funding round, which was the catalyst for him to join the business founded by long-time friend Alec Lynch. The equity raise also saw the appointment of Starfish partner Anthony Glenning, who sold his business Tonic Systems to Google in 2007.

DesignCrowd and 99Designs: UK battle

2/17/2012 | Zdnet

"While DesignCrowd has been based in Australia, we've had almost 10,000 UK businesses and designers use our service. We think the UK is the next frontier for crowdsourcing, and that's why we've launched We're sure competition there will increase, as we've seen in the US, but, for now, there will be less competition," Alec Lynch said.

DesignCrowd acquires US company Brandstack, launches BrandCrowd

12/22/2011 | SmartCompany

Online crowdsourcing start-up DesignCrowd has acquired Texan company Brandstack for an undisclosed sum, combining the service with its existing community to launch BrandCrowd.

According to Lynch, the acquisition of Brandstack and the subsequent launch of BrandCrowd will further reinforce DesignCrowd’s leadership in crowdsourced graphic design services. Brandstack, founded by Wes Wilson and based in Texas, is an online marketplace providing ready-made brands and logos for sale to buyers around the world.

Brandstack Pilled the Deadpool, Acquired by DesignCrowd

12/20/2011 | TechCrunch

DesignCrowd, an Australian design crowdsourcing platform that raised $3 million last month, has just announced that they’ve acquired Brandstack and will integrate it into their service (essentially rescuing Brandstack from the deadpool.)

DesignCrowd on Cloud Nine

11/10/2011 | BRW

A Melbourne venture capital manager, Starfish Ventures, has invested $3 million in a Sydney company,, a graphic design website with plans to open an office in Silicon Valley.

Lynch says designers can be paid on DesignCrowd even if they don’t win the design contest. "We get good designers and creators on every project, and consistent quality so there is no luck involved."

Australian crowdsourcing start-up DesignCrowd receives $3 million

11/7/2011 | Anthill

The Australian venture capital firm Starfish Ventures has invested $3 million in DesignCrowd, according to a media release dispatched on Thursday.

The Australian start-up, a design crowdsourcing community with more than 40,000 registered graphic designers, plans to use the new investment to launch two new services in 2012 and to expand its client base outside Australia.

Sydney crowdsourcing firm DesignCrowd receives $3 million investment from Starfish Ventures

11/4/2011 | SmartCompany

Sydney-based crowd sourcing design website DesignCrowd has finalised a $3 million investment from local venture capital firm Starfish Ventures, with founder and chief executive Alec Lynch saying the money will be used to break into international markets.

"Our kind of growth plans really require a capital injection, and this is exactly what we need to take the business further out from Australia and adopt some new product ideas," Lynch told SmartCompany this morning.

DesignCrowd secures $3m investment from Starfish Ventures

11/4/2011 | TechnologySpectator

Sydney-based crowd-sourced graphic design website DesignCrowd has received a $3 million investment from Melbourne venture capital firm Starfish Ventures.

DesignCrowd, which was founded in 2007, is now a multi-million dollar business with clients spanning 159 countries, and has 40,000 registered graphic designers from around the world

Aussie start-up attracts venture capital, again!

11/4/2011 | iTWire

Australian Internet start-up company,, has had an injection of $3 million by Melbourne-based venture capital firm, Starfish Ventures, as it seeks to further expand its business into the global market. It is the second time, in tough economic times, that the company has secured investment funding.

Crowdsource startup DesignCrowd secures funding

B&T Magazine
11/4/2011 | B&T Magazine

Australian internet start-up Design Crowd has received a $3m investment from venture capital firm Starfish Ventures.

The online marketplace that helps businesses around the world outsource or ‘crowdsource’ creative projects was founded in 2008.

Crowdsourcing design company receives $3m investment

11/4/2011 | mUmBRELLA

Australian internet start-up company DesignCrowd has received a $3m investment from the venture capital film Starfish Ventures. DesignCrowd is an online marketplace to help businesses crowdsource creative projects.

Crowdsourcing start-up DesignCrowd snares $3 million Starfish funding

11/3/2011 | StartupSmart

Crowdsourcing start-up DesignCrowd is to accelerate its global expansion after securing a $3 million investment from heavyweight Australian VC firm Starfish Ventures.

The site acts as an online marketplace for designers, allowing businesses to "crowdsource" creative projects. More than 40,000 designers are registered to the site, across 159 countries. A New Zealand site recently launched, with further international expansion planned.

CrowdSourcing Platform For Creative Projects DesignCrowd Raises $3 Million

11/2/2011 | TechCrunch

Australian-based crowdsourcing website for creative projects DesignCrowd has received a $3 million investment Starfish Ventures.

DesignCrowd allows anyone to upload a design project, set a deadline, set a budget and invite the platform’s group designers. The startup says that on average 25 to 100-plus custom designs are submitted from designers around the world, and the project manager can then decide which one suits his needs.

Hot 30 Under 30 Startups

4/19/2011 | SmartCompany

Online outsourcing and design contests have become a massive area of growth on the internet. The desire of more and more businesses to post work contracts to be bid for by the population of the internet has helped Alec Lynch turn his business DesignCrowd into a thriving concern.

DesignCrowd has handed out more than $1 million in work to its freelance community since its launch in 2008, with a 78% increase in the last six months alone. DesignCrowd has also paid $200,000 in participation payments for unsuccessful bidders. Clients have included the Harvard Business School, Fair Trade Australia and Hi Tech shoes, while among DesignCrowd's 10,000 freelance designers are Udaya Kumar, the designer of the Indian rupee symbol.

DesignCrowd raises capital and acquires US website

The Next Web
4/15/2011 | The Next Web

DesignCrowd, an online graphic design crowdsourcing company ... has acquired and merged with US freelance design website.

DesignCrowd has been growing at an average of 21% month on month for the last year, and the new entity now boasts over [30,212] graphic designers and studios from around the world.

... "crowdsourcing is essentially outsourcing on steroids" and DesignCrowd will offer "more powerful, higher quality and sustainable crowdsourcing by harnessing higher quality designers and offering thousands of participation payments each month to better organise and reward the crowd".

Crowdsourcing Website Launches 'Fairer, Better' Crowdsourcing Model

Fox Business News
7/15/2010 | Fox Business News

Design crowdsourcing service DesignCrowd has launched an innovative, new design crowdsourcing model that addresses the flaws with the traditional crowdsourcing process through what it calls "Crowdsourcing 2.0" - crowdsourcing where multiple designers get paid.

DesignCrowd now allows customers with graphic design projects to handpick their favorite designers from around the world while keeping the project open to other designers.

15+ Great Ways to Find Web Design and Development Work

4/2/2010 | Mashable

(On Designcrowd) you can browse the design contests in the "web design" category, pick projects you’d like to have a crack at, and set a small "participation 'base' payment" before you submit a design. Once the client picks the favored design, if you’re the design contest winner, DesignCrowd will pay you your fee via PayPal.

New Crowdsourcing Model Lets Agencies and Printing Companies Harness Crowdsourcing

2/16/2010 | Entrepreneur

Crowdsourcing design company DesignCrowd has developed a new crowdsourcing business model to let design agencies, printers & other design related businesses use crowdsourcing with their own clients...

Design studios, ad agencies, printing and web hosting companies can use the new graphic design outsourcing platform to offer design services and crowdsourcing to their own clients and leverage DesignCrowd's 13,000 designers as their own virtual team.

Australian crowdsourcing site acquires US rival

11/25/2009 | SmartCompany

Australian online design marketplace DesignCrowd has acquired and merged with US crowdsourcing website in order to expand its business overseas.

The merged business will take the name, and offers designers a marketplace to pitch work for clients who have posted projects on the site, including logo, t-shirt, poster and even business card design.

Give Australia a new identity, win £1,000

Brand Republic
10/13/2009 | Brand Republic

An Australian design agency has launched a global competition challenging people to rebrand the country, with a A$2000 (£1,015) prize on offer for the winner.

The competition, which calls for people to submit a logo and strapline for the country, is being run by Australian crowdsourcing firm, DesignCrowd.

Three (Real) Ways to Make Money From Home in Your Spare Time

9/24/2009 | Yahoo offers designers the chance to submit their work in online "contests" for posted projects. The odd jobs, most paying a couple of hundred dollars, come in from around the world, from small businesses and individuals who need logos or fliers, banner ads and posters.

Virtual ad agencies help the little guys compete

The Buffalo News
8/2/2009 | The Buffalo News

Web sites such as DesignCrowd allow prospective clients to seek proposal pitches and low-cost quotes from a legion of vendors without dealing with a live person ...

Website launches competition to fix NSW Government logo

Dynamic Business
7/20/2009 | Dynamic Business

Crowdsourcing website DesignCrowd has launched an unsanctioned $1000 contest to re-design the recently bungled NSW Government logo.