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How much does a designer get paid?

The amount you get paid depends on:

  1. How well your design performs.  This will dictate whether or not you are selected for a place payment. 
  2. If your design meets our Minimum Design Standards.
  3. Whether your submission is eligible for a participation payment.

The size of your participation payment depends on:

  1. The participation payment amount for that brief.  This is different for each brief and is specified in the brief details.
  2. How quickly you respond.  You must respond quick enough so you are within the participation payment cap.  For example, if a brief has a participation payment cap of 40 then only the first 40 submissions that comply with the Minimum Design Standards only will receive a participation payment.
You will be notified how much you will be paid for a specific submission after thebrief closing date.
All earnings from a contest will be subject for a 15% commission fee.

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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