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How do I get a Participation Payment?

You can get a Participation Payment by:

1. Project Invites
On each project, a customer has a limited number of participation payments which they can allocate to designers in the form of project invites. Project invites are a way of enticing designers who a customer likes or has previously worked with, to submit to their projects. If a designer accepts an invitation from a customer with an attached participation payment, they will be guaranteed at least this payment once the project closes.

Generally customers will invite designers and give them a participation payment if:
  1. they have worked with the designer before on a project
  2. they are a top designer in our directories (especially for a particular design type) - see
  3. they have produced an excellent design that is displayed on the site.
  4. they have a high positive feedback percentage (displayed in the designer rankings list)

Note: Project invites expire so when you are sent an invite indicating participation payment is attached, make sure you submit a design within the deadline to avoid forfeiture of the payment.

2. Bonus Payments
Bonus payments are designed to award hard working designers which produce excellent quality and results but have not won the contest. These payments are awarded once a project has completed and the system automatically determines which designers should be eligible to receive these payments based on:

  • Quality of their work submitted
  • The amount of effort they put in working with a customer (number of design revisions / variations etc)
A number of other factors are taken into consideration also, including looking to reward new talented designers as well as those who submit early to projects.

When the project closes and a winner is selected we will award the Participation Payments.  If your design meets our Minimum Design Standards you will receive an email notifying you that your Participation Payment will be paid.

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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